All-Purpose Quick Cash Business Loans

Loan Overview

Once you have started your business and made it to the one year mark, chances are that you are now in the expansion or transition phase that precedes the prosperity stage of the business. Many businesses find that they need to inject some more capital into the business so that they can get to that level easily.  If you do not have the amount that you need for this, a business loan in Singapore can be of great help to you. By taking out the loan, you will be able to implement the various systems needed to increase the efficiency of your business processes, take on more clients or projects, or increase your employees as needed.

General Quick Cash Business Loans in Singapore

With SBL Singapore financing, we can help you:

  • Supplier and bill payments
  • Buy or lease equipment
  • Purchase inventory or supplies
  • Rent space or remodel premises
  • Create and execute a marketing campaign
  • Promotion and advertising
  • Expanding or relocating office
  • Hire and train staff
  • Secure the licenses and other permits you need

For business veterans, if you have been in business for more than 10 years, the challenges you face include becoming overly comfortable or stagnating. It is important for you to stay informed about new opportunities and what is changing in your field as far as technology is concerned. Regardless of how long you have been in business, is able to give you the right loan to help you both manage and grow your business.

Last by not least, many times a recession is linked to a downturn in the economy. Businesses in Singapore need to make sure that they are taking such things into account and therefore putting aside some money for when the business is not doing well. When the economy is on a downturn, banks also tend to decrease their lending and the public also becomes a lot more careful with how they spend their money leading to a decrease in sales.

Launched in February 2018, we are aiming to give even more financing assistance as well as gathering mentors for you in our Coach-and-Go programme to help owners like yourself scale the businesses into a prosperous one, and to also grow a local Singapore brand to the overseas market.

With a SBL Singapore Business Loan, you pay an inexpensive as well as reasonable rate of interest on regular monthly settlements, leaving you the capital to remain competitive and to expand your company. Additionally, you will also obtain the mentor-ship assistance and also operation assistance that you require.

Loan Details
  • Max Loan Amount$1,000,000
  • Min Years to Qualify0.5
  • Min. Annual Turnover< $100,000
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