Fish Shop / Aquarium Business Loans

Loan Overview

Starting a fish shop or an aquarium business is difficult, but, if you’re successful, you can obtain considerable profits. In fact, research suggests that the ornamental fish industry in Singapore is number one in the world, bringing revenues of over 40 million dollars annually.

A fish shop can bring you revenues of $150,000 per year, seeing as customers have to fork out up to $40 for supplies like food and gravel. Besides, exotic fish can cost even $1,000, with more common ones priced at around $100. You can also offer tank-cleaning services, transportation, and extra accessories, such as toys.

However, your fish shop/ aquarium business might face some difficulties in due course.

Many fish store owners came to us at SBL Singapore for affordable loans, so we’re familiar with the most poignant issues of the industry.

For instance, new businesses fail because they don’t have precise selling propositions that differentiate them from the competition. As such, customers prefer to visit reputable fish stores instead of trying new ones.

Another crucial issue is the service. Business owners with limited capitals will hire just a few employees. Unfortunately, these employees may be too busy and overworked to make friends with customers. So, if you want your customers to come back for more food and accessories, make sure they’re getting stellar customer service in your shop. That means hiring helpful employees who are willing to offer free expert advice to solve people’s needs.


We know all this is true because we’ve dealt with these details first-hand. A few years ago, Mrs Alexandra Ng came to us at SBL Singapore looking for financial assistance. This is where we recommended her our specially tailored Fish Shop / Aquarium Business Loans.

She recently bought a fish store and invested all her capital into buying exotic fish and quality accessories like lighting, smart aquariums, and innovative toys. These investments left her with few means for hiring and training top employees.

Although her staff were helpful, they lacked the expertise to identify and solve their customers’ most pressing needs. Luckily, Mrs Ng has an MBA in economics, so she figured out the problem quickly.

When she presented us her business plan, we agreed that it was the soundest choice towards her business’s expansion. Mrs Ng used our loan to educate her employees and to offer extra services to her customers, such as fish training and a fish hotel.

If you need extra help with your business, we at SBL Singapore can also help you with customised and affordable Fish Shop/ Aquarium Business Loans for:

  • Licenses and permits
  • Insurance
  • Cleaning equipment and products
  • Purchase of inventory and equipment
  • Advertising
  • Labour and payroll
  • Franchises
  • Suppliers
  • Transportation fees
  • Store rental
  • Vehicle rental

Launched in February 2018, SBL Singapore aims to provide financial assistance to all companies including those in the fish shop / aquarium industries. We also gather mentors in the pet business industries through our Coach-and-Go programme for our clients to attain more information and knowledge on business management. Our objective is to help local Singapore brands grow and enter the overseas market.

With a Fish Shop / Aquarium Business Loan, you pay for an inexpensive and reasonable rate of interest on monthly repayments, ensuring that you have enough capital to remain competitive and grow your business. In addition to funding, you will also obtain the mentor-ship and operation assistance that you require.

Loan Details
  • Max Loan Amount$1,000,000
  • Min Years to Qualify0.5
  • Min. Annual Turnover< $100,000
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