Upholstery / Furniture Cleaning Services Business Loans

Loan Overview

Did you know that professional upholstery cleaning should be done once a year, typically?

Few people actually know this. It is essential to clean your couch, sofa, armchair or other furniture in your homes. This is to achieve a spotless house, free of dust mites and bugs. If you have very young children and pets, you should probably consider professionally cleaning your furniture twice per year.

If you have an upholstery cleaning service, you know how difficult it is to help people understand these details.

Setting awareness objectives for regular upholstery cleaning can prove double-edged if people turn to one of your competitors instead of yours.

Apart from difficulties in setting good advertising goals and a budget to match them, it’s also important to ensure you have top professional equipment, offer quick, quality services, and stellar customer support.

Singapore is filled with upholstery cleaning services that cater both to residential and commercial spaces. So, it’s essential to find your niche. Maybe you want to use the latest air-cleaning technology. To specialize in cleaning doctor’s furniture, or offer optional full-house cleaning services.


Mrs Julia Beh came to us last year because she needed help setting up her upholstery cleaning business. With our timely financial assistance, she managed to secure an Upholstery / Furniture Cleaning Services Business Loan.

Furthermore, we advised her to work with a project management expert to set her goals and find the best strategies to reach them.

Mrs Beh was inspired enough to do complete market research first. She found out that many people complained that steam upholstery cleaning damaged their soft surfaces, especially soft fibres and painted upholsteries.

She then found a solution. To offer hand cleaning for delicate surfaces together with steam cleaning options. The charge for hand cleaning is higher, but her customers are assured that they get safe stellar service.

Mrs Beh didn’t experience the common rut of emerging companies in her field. She started making a profit from the beginning. From there, her list of customers have been constantly increasing. She uses a large chunk of her profit to research new technologies and regularly surveys the market.

SBL Singapore can help you achieve your true business potential with our customizable and affordable Upholstery / Furniture Cleaning Services Business Loans. These loans will help you cover various expenses, such as:

  • Licences and permits
  • Insurance (liability insurance, bond, workers’ compensation)
  • Cleaning equipment and products
  • Advertising
  • Labour
  • Franchises 
  • Suppliers 
  • Inventory
  • Transportation fees

Launched in February 2018, SBL Singapore aims to provide financial assistance to all companies including those in the cleaning servicing industries. We also gather mentors in the cleaning service industries through our Coach-and-Go programme for our clients to attain more information and knowledge on business management. Our objective is to help local Singapore brands grow and enter the overseas market.

With an Upholstery / Furniture Cleaning Services Business Loan, you pay for an inexpensive and reasonable rate of interest on monthly repayments, ensuring that you have enough capital to remain competitive and grow your business. In addition to funding, you will also obtain the mentor-ship and operation assistance that you require.

Loan Details
  • Max Loan Amount$1,000,000
  • Min Years to Qualify0.5
  • Min. Annual Turnover< $100,000
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