Virtual Assistant / Artificial Intelligence (AI) Business Loans

Loan Overview

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be of great help and support for your business capabilities. 

If you have a small business, chances are that you’ll need a Virtual Assistant (VA). This is someone who can help you with all sorts of tasks. These include social media management, keeping track of your appointments and e-mail, plus research and reports. You can hire a VA for your personal things too. It can help you with tasks such as booking airfare, finding cheap hotels, or sending you reminders when a meeting is coming up.

Virtual assistants deal with mundane tasks that don’t require their physical presence at the office, so full-time employees can put their time at better use.  Hiring a VA saves you money, whether it’s their salary or training cost.

Artificial Intelligence has proved its importance in the business sector. Moreover, it’s continuing to develop at a vigorous pace. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), AI will bring the world’s economy up by $15.7 trillion because it can help organizations automatize tasks such as customer support, but it also detects hacking attempts and fraud.

AI is, by definition, more objective than humans when it comes to research, so it can also help you focus on user experience. It provides exact analysis of everything, from your goals to potential results, and crisis management plans.


SBL Singapore understands the importance of keeping up with technological trends and improving business efficiency. Hence, we have specially tailored Virtual Assistant / Artificial Intelligence (AI) Business Loans to help to meet the demands of your business.

One year ago we at SBL Singapore helped Mrs Elizabeth Teo implement artificial intelligence for her business. Some online tools already allow users to employ AI and virtual assistant bots, but Mrs Teo wanted something more accurate.

Mrs Teo owns a gym in Singapore and she wanted to become more competitive. Although her gym was turning a profit, she could sense that she needed more than a few promotions and quality equipment to induce a sense of loyalty in her customers.

We helped Mrs Teo with our loan, and she used the AI to research the behavioural patterns of her customers to devise a new strategy to keep them coming again. The result was a family-friendly option, with classes for parents and children from 0 to 14.

Now, Mrs Teo’s business is thriving, and so can yours. SBL Singapore can help you with our personalized Virtual Assistant / Artificial Intelligence (AI) Business Loans, which can cover expenses such as:

  • Purchasing the copyright for a certain AI programme or paying monthly access fees for the right to use it
  • Hiring a virtual assistant
  • Extra research
  • Training for your employees
  • Access to databases and documentation
  • Improving your IT network
  • Insurance and liabilities

Launched in February 2018, SBL Singapore aims to provide financial assistance to all companies including those in the Virtual Assistant / Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry. We also gather mentors in the technology and IT sector through our Coach-and-Go programme for our clients to attain more information and knowledge on business management. Our objective is to help local Singapore brands grow and enter the overseas market.

With a Virtual Assistant / Artificial Intelligence (AI) Business Loan, you pay for an inexpensive and reasonable rate of interest on monthly repayments, ensuring that you have enough capital to remain competitive and grow your business. In addition to funding, you will also obtain the mentor-ship and operation assistance that you require.

Loan Details
  • Max Loan Amount$1,000,000
  • Min Years to Qualify0.5
  • Min. Annual Turnover< $100,000
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