New to finance? Here are 15 Singapore websites to get the latest financial news


Are you new to finance? Don’t fret.

The key to managing your own finances is to be well-informed so as to make wise choices. The good thing is resources are everywhere today, especially financial websites.

We have compiled a list of 15 financial websites to help you out on your journey to discovering the nuances of the finance world from loan terminology to personal finance rights you should know of.

We will categorize the list into the following categories:

1. Investing and trading

2. Personal finance

3. Specialists

4. Finance blogs

5. Insurance

6. Financial advisers

Let’s get right into it.


1. Investing and trading


#1. Investment Moats

Kyith Ng has been running Investment Moats since 2005. He has been providing a lot of help to those looking to make heads and tails of finance and investments. He has some killer tips to grow your wealth. He puts a lot of detail into his articles and that’s one of the reasons why this resource is top on our list.

The amazing selection of news pieces and statistics you find at Investment Moats is truly impactful to chart a better course of action for both, the short term and the long term.

Website link.

#2. Dr Wealth

Originally started as BigFatPurse, Dr Wealth provides plenty of investment education to Singaporeans from all walks of life by publishing accurate and meticulously crafted guides. This financial website also conducts various courses aimed at helping the amateur. Financial education here is highly trustworthy and the primary quality of the platform is to provide actionable steps to improve one’s financial standing.

The tagline of Dr Wealth is to “learn from those who put their money where their mouth is”. That’s perfectly apt too because that’s precisely what you need – to learn from the very best.

Website link.

#3. The Fifth Person

The Fifth Person is a high-quality Singapore-based e-magazine for all things investment and trading related. They also happen to have some guidance on personal finance. The Fifth Person is able to provide in-depth analyses on specific stocks, REITs and more. Some of which include SPH, Singapore Airlines, CapitaLand and many AGMs.

The USP of the financial website is a versatile team that’s well-equipped to handle all types of queries. As an investment guidance firm, they have also invested in companies themselves and all that information is available on the website. One of the investments was for a 210% gain over a one-year time period. They have also been extensively covered in media and have received a variety of awards, recognitions, and accolades for their breakthrough work in providing investment and trading guidance.

You can make use of the quick guides on CPF for retirement, Singapore REITs, dividend stocks, value-growth stocks, and much more here.

Website link.

#4. Value Invest Asia

Value Invest Asia is another high-quality e-magazine that talks about investing and trading. True believers of value investing, the people behind the project aim to provide clear-cut information. They rightly believe that, unlike the US, company information in Asia is pretty limited. And they aim to bridge the informational gap by cutting through the conflicts of interest and misinformation by providing truly valuably insights that new investors can act upon.

The Learn Investing section on Value Invest Asia is an interactive and comprehensive selection of topics that help you better understand your finances and how they work. The 15-lessons course from Value Invest Asia isn’t just perfect, but also completely free. All you need to do is sign-up on the Free Course page.

Website link.


2. Personal finance


#5. MoneySense

MoneySense is Singapore’s go-to resource for national financial literature. Yes, it is a Singapore government agency website.

Their sole aim is to demystify, simplify, and untangle personal finance-related nuances and concepts. Once you see money as what it truly is, through all the lingo and features, you can make better personal finance decisions. And that’s precisely what MoneySense allows you to do, especially if you are new to the world of personal finance management.

MoneySense allows users to fight scams, participate in relevant events, and do much more. The portal also allows you to use various financial calculation tools such as savings calculator, budget calculator, debt calculator, mortgage calculator, and net worth calculator. All of these tools can come in handy at some point in time, so it’s better to keep this platform bookmarked if you are also finance-savvy.

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#6. MoneySmart

True innovators and pioneers, the people behind MoneySmart are one of the best personal finance sources. They publish guides that break down even the most complex of methodologies and systems to their basic components. A true haven for those new to managing money and controlling their personal finance, MoneySmart allows you to do more with the same amount of money. Read their personal finance guides series to unlock information that will go on to improving the way you earn and spend.

Looking for more information on personal loans? Planning to apply for a credit card? Confused about online brokerage options? Credit card bills becoming unmanageable? Eyeing the right home loan that fits the bill? Car insurance questions you wish to be answered by seasoned wealth managers? Don’t worry. MoneySmart has a little something for every personal finance need out there. All you need to do is read and ask.

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#7. Seedly

Seedly is one of the best informative blogs on personal finance. They touch upon all the topics that matter, such as life stages, banking, loans, cards, investments, utilities and bills, insurance, property, lifestyle, and more in a very detailed manner. No matter which aspect you need help in or which category fascinates you more – you will find a truly great read over at the Seedly blog. Simply one of the best resources to those who wish to learn something new every day, Seedly provides an intuitive and clutter-free website navigation experience and user experience that aids greatly in reading.

Seedly is Singapore’s biggest personal finance community and rightfully so. You can troubleshoot your queries and help others on their journey with your expertise as well. The community deals in many disciplines ranging from banking and cards to investments, utilities, bills, insurance, and beyond. Seedly is home to a super-active community that provides valuable lifestyle, investments, and savings tips among other things.

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3. Specialists


#8. Are You Ready?

Are You Ready by the CPF Board is another Singapore government agency. The specialization of Are You Ready is helping consumers understand the subtle differences between the various aspects of CPF or Central Provident Fund savings. Key stages of one’s life such as starting work and buying a house all affect CPF and it’s important that you know the ins and outs for the same. Are You Ready makes sure you are indeed ready when the time comes.

You can use Are You Ready to plan for your life’s milestones such as starting work, health, getting married, buying a home, having kids, and the golden years. You can also learn about ventures such as investing, living overseas, or starting a business. Knowing how do you best manage your finances in all these scenarios is critical in today’s world. The platform also allows you to financially deal with unexpected life events such as death, losing a loved one, bankruptcy, and divorce. You will also find a hearty dose of videos, infographics, events, fact checks, opinions, and news pieces at Are You Ready.

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#9. The Simple Sum

The Simple Sum specializes in personal finance (budget, debt management, and financial planning to be precise). This resource can help you answer the biggest and most confusing questions regarding all things personal finance. You will also find videos here apart from personal finance guides, lifestyle articles, and investing tips, among other things. A wholesome resource, Simple Sum allows users to make sense of complex topics.

Over at the Simple Sum, you will learn about plenty of stuff ranging from mitigating financial risks and taking monetary challenges head-on. The blog section also further allows you to make the best of the opportunities that present themselves to you while also taking care of various career-related obstacles that hamper your financial strategy.

Website link.


4. Finance blogs


#10. Heartland Boy

Created for those hungry for financial independence and craving a heightened knowledge of how money works around us and affects the world around us. The person behind the platform is Alison, popularly called Heartland Boy, who has been driven by a pursuit of financial independence. Learning from honest mistakes such as not having any savings upon graduation and his father bankrupting the family due to a business failure, he truly pours his heart out in the articles he writes.

Heartland Boy likely has a number of insights just for you. His content versatility makes sure that everyone can find value. So, no matter which stage of life you are in currently, scourge his guides and he will allow you to equip yourself with lots of relevant information that will continue to add value to your life years down the road. It will also be very relatable as he’s growing his family as well.

Website link.

#11. Budget Babe

Budget Babe talks about everything from savings and insurance to investing and family finance. She heartily talks about her discoveries and learnings in managing finances. She has also been ranked among the top female investing blogs. Her life’s teachings in managing one’s finance are truly important for everyone in their mid-20s and beyond. Her most popular articles include planning for a wonderful yet inexpensive wedding. They don’t call her Budget Babe for nothing!

One of the things you will learn with Budget Babe is the fact that managing your finance is a learning process. Making mistakes is absolutely fine. Not learning from them can be a disaster. You will find all the tools and guidance you need in order to better manage your finances.

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5. Insurance

#12. Clearly Surely

Clearly Surely aims to make life insurance fun. It doesn’t have to be the sort of mundane and confusing mess that we believe it to be. Clearly Surely has helped countless Singaporeans make heads and tails of a ton of life insurance-specific problems and concepts. Their USP is making the financial discovery journey an enormously fun one. The platform allows users to be guided through various stages of planning their life insurance based on information, answers, tips, stats, and knowledge in general.

The main purpose of Clearly Surely is to help you gain complete control over your insurance. It empowers you to take action when you wish. You call the shots. The learning process with Clearly Surely is truly a lot of fun.

Website link.

#13. MoneyOwl

A financial advisor and fund management company at its core, MoneyOwl empowers users to ascertain details such as premiums and projected returns. You can learn a lot from them and also use their financial planning, insurance, investment, and wills services They also offer plenty of retirement planning options. You can gain a lot of insights from their blog section, specifically on insurance.

You can also find many events, promotions, and also referral programs on MoneyOwl. All in all, it’s a definitive resource for those looking for insurance information and a no-frills introduction to planning and managing one’s life insurance in the most hassle-free way.

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6. Financial advisers

These are both fee-based financial advisers and planners.

#14. SGMoneyMatters

SGMoneyMatters is run by Ivan. He spent the last decade advising both businesses and individuals. He specializes in planning early retirements for individuals. He is also an author. His blog section is loaded with meaningful advice and experienced insights into the world of finance. SGMoneyMatters allows readers to break free of monetary limitations, live with freedom, and plan early retirement.

Ivan Guan is an author, blogger, speaker, and financial consultant. With decades worth of financial experience under his belt, he can help you break free of monetary limitations and retire much earlier than you initially planned.

Website link.


Wilfred Ling (CFA) runs IFA. He is the Associate Wealth Advisory Director with the Financial Alliance. IFA is truly a great resource for financial advice. You can learn everything from creating your own dividends-paying portfolio and designing the perfect supplementary retirement scheme to retiring earlier than planned and the most commonplace investment mistakes. Wilfred Ling is a professional with a lot of experience who has helped countless individuals and businesses have a better financial plan in their future.

If you are also looking for a financial advisor with transparent fees then this is where your search stops.

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Let’s conclude

Whichever stage of life you’re at, it is always better to be prepared. This means doing ample research. Do remember to cross-reference your resources to lower the percentage of inaccuracies. If needed, speak to your family and close friends about it.

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